Our Mission

We are a grassroots ministry dedicated to giving medical access shirts at no cost, to the critically ill in Richmond, VA, and surrounding areas.

Each ZipShirt costs approximately $12.00. Volunteers purchase, sew and deliver ZipShirts to area hospitals and Oncology clinics
for distribution to cancer patients.  Donations are greatly appreciated.

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Latest News
Latest News
Meet our Volunteers
Meet our Volunteers
Patients Overjoyed with ZipShirts
Patients Overjoyed with ZipShirts
With over 3,000 shirts created, ZipShirt ministry has touched the lives of many.

Read Their Testimonials

I just had a brain tumor removed and it was great not having to worry about doing laundry after surgery.  Zipshirts are comfortable and stylish enough to wear while not getting chemo, and no one ever knows.  I really appreciate your kindness and generosity

Melanie S

I wanted to thank the ZipShirt Ministry for the two t-shirts that were gifted to my husband.  The nurses at the chemo center just love them as they make their job easier.  We are thankful for them as they make the process of getting chemo so much easier.

Mariam C

Thank you so much for your generous gift of shirts. Who knew such a simple concept could mean so very much? God has truly blessed each of your hands and hearts and we can feel it with each shirt we give. Thank you again for your ministry and generosity

Hendrick CC

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