Our Mission

We are a grassroots ministry dedicated to giving medical access shirts at no cost, to the critically ill in Richmond, VA, and surrounding areas.

Each ZipShirt costs approximately $12.00. Volunteers purchase, sew and deliver ZipShirts to area hospitals and Oncology clinics
for distribution to cancer patients.  Donations are greatly appreciated.

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Latest News
Latest News
Meet our Volunteers
Meet our Volunteers
Patients Overjoyed with ZipShirts
Patients Overjoyed with ZipShirts
With over 3,000 shirts created, ZipShirt ministry has touched the lives of many.

Read Their Testimonials

I am so moved that someone would take the time to craft such a beautiful shirt for me. I appreciate the work that is done for all cancer patients at the clinic where I receive my treatments and my Zipshirts make receiving those treatments so much easier.  Thank you for this awesome gift and the prayers that go out with each one.

Tammy Z

Tammy Z

Amelia Courthouse, VA

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Corbett yesterday in my Virtus class at St Benedict church. He was such an angel (and awesome class facilitator) and spoke with me for a while about my mother and her pancreatic cancer diagnosis. I received her zip shirt today in the mail. I was surprised to get them so soon. She was absolutely delighted with them and can’t wait to start wearing them to her treatments. Thank you so much for having this wonderful Ministry, it is such a blessing to the patients because it provides them with dignity through modesty. And a special thanks to Mr Corbett for being the wonderful gentleman that he is and an angel in disguise.  Of course, now my mom only wants to wear her zip shirt all the time

Stacy A

Richmond, Va

I can’t begin to thank you enough for the wonderful ZipShirts.  Many thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

Donna B.

Powhatan, VA

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