Patients Overjoyed with ZipShirts

People often find when they are very ill, feeling isolated and alone is an everyday emotion that runs deep. Sharing in our humanity bridges the emotional gap lessening the feelings of isolation and sometimes despair. Patients receiving Zipshirt’s express disbelief that someone cared enough to share their time, talent and money to put a special shirt in their hands, free of charge. The gift of a Zipshirt is an uplifting expression of love. The warm smile that come across a patients face requires no other expression. Joy between the giver and receiver becomes a bond of the human experience. For it is said, “we are to love one another as we love ourselves.” The intention of the Zipshirt ministry is to bring some joy to cancer patients that is rooted in our love for each other. Yes, patients are overjoyed with their shirts, because each shirt says so much.