Thank you for the sweet and timely gift!

Four years ago, we adopted a precious, 6-week-old baby boy, Zachary. In his short life-span he has had 25 brain/spine surgeries and countless more procedures and hospitalizations. It’s been a steep learning curve for our entire family as our older children are typically developing. Our family has been blessed by friends and strangers more times than we can count. No one person has been able to make everything better but it’s been 4 years of small, selfless, kind, surprising acts of love toward Zachary and our family.

Last month Zachary had a major spine surgery that went very well. After returning home for one beautiful day we found ourselves back at CHOR with Zachary having developed meningitis. IV antibiotics were chosen as the course of action and a week later it was decided that a chest port would be placed allowing him to return home. As his mother it felt discouraging, yet another difficult thing for his tiny body to endure. I mentioned to our fabulous Child Life team that Zachary’s new port had just been placed and they all smiled. A box was grabbed with beautifully organized, labeled bags! I was speechless and the tears flowed as I saw the little shirts, modified with love!

I don’t know how often you hear from families like mine but I wanted to paint a little picture for how well received the shirts are for families! The idea that one would use their talents in such a generous, helpful well is humbling! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the sweet and timely gift!

Susan D